Nick Thompson

nickphoto"When I started my sessions with James I was determined to lose weight and feel healthier as I was 128kg, un-active at work and outside of work. I have always found exercise very difficult, boring and could never stick at it long enough to see results.

I took on James as a personal trainer, after our consultation and full fitness test we put a program together for me to do. In our sessions he introduced me to boxing with pads and gloves, which was great fun and something I hadn't done before, although it was very tough. We also used the core balls, weights and body weighted exercises to work up a sweat. I am a determined person but James helped me to push myself that little bit more every time and made it fun.

The biggest benefit for me, weight loss aside, was the increase in my energy levels, even though I'm now doing more. When I'm at work I find things to do, instead of sending other people to do it! I look forward to further training sessions"