Hillary Thompson

hillaryphoto"I started using the gym in October 2008, I was self conscious as I was 17st 3lbs and didn't feel I should be in the gym. I have various medical condition, which limit me greatly (including diabetes), I also smoke and have never been involved in health or fitness. I never expected any results as I never changed my eating habits or diet. James got me started in the gym with an 11minute workout I thought that this isn't enough to see any results at all, but he willed me on. He motivated me to come every day and do a little bit at my own pace and kept telling me "it will get easier" (which I never believed). I was surpised how hard it really was, even though I only did 11 minutes, but I kept coming back.
Over a period of 7 months we gradually increased the workout, adding new exercises and techniques. I now do over 1hr 15mins every day, I do exercises I never thought I would be able to do (due to my medical conditions) and I don't dread coming, as I did with my 11minute workout!
I have lost around 2 stone, my fitness vastly increased and as my latest doctors check revealed my blood pressure and cholesterol levels have dropped. This would never have been achievable without the motivation and support I got from James as a trainer; I would have given up before I even started!!"